Jetspace Magazine is the place to see news, reviews, interviews, and more, all from a decidedly queer perspective. We feature in-depth profiles of some of your favorite notable people and personalities, gorgeous photo albums of people and events, insightful theater and music reviews, even geek and kink news. We also throw some pretty amazing events.

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Meet Jetspace Magazine

Robert Roth – Editor in Chief (@rothrob)

Robert is the founder and driving force behind Jetspace.  He’s a writer, designer, illustrator, and photographer, among other things. Robert is a lifelong gaymer, and is old enough to remember when RPGs only came with paper and dice. He’s fucking delightful.

Adrian Ryan – Managing Editor (@theadrianryan)

Adrian Ryan, long established as the Gayest Gay in Seattle™, is probably most recognizable as a longtime Stranger senior contributing writer and columnist, raconteur, ring-leader of much shenanigans, and a big ginger. He has written close to infinity words on celebrity, politics, life, and gayness in general, and his writings have appeared in many things, including The Stranger’s Guide to Seattle, Mommie’s Little Girl: Susie Bright on Sex, Motherhood and Cherry Pie, a bunch of stuff he forgets, and his very own Way Too Gay Seattle Survival Guide. In his spare time, he enjoys imagining that he has spare time and buckets of wine. He is secretly in love with Bernie Sanders, and thinks Adam Sandler is the devil.

Kara Phoebe – Style Editor (@veryphoebe)

Kara Phoebe is a stylist, producer and gogo grrl hailing from the east coast. She studied costume design in Chicago and worked in film and as a teacher in Los Angeles. Kara has a special love for extra late parties, next level fashion, children’s animation, and general oddity.

Eric Starker – Senior Contributor (@wreckratz)

Eric Starker is a local writer, community manager, social media manager and fellow about town. He is involved locally in a number of areas of the queer scene, most notably as one of the founders of the popular social/networking group Queer Geek.

Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler – Contributor (@RavenBassLady)

Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler is a full-time, professional, Tarot Reader and consultant who has worked for Edge of the Circle Books in Seattle for the last 16 years. She is the Editrix of the Edge of the Circle Books Newsletter blog. Erica is also a published illustrator of children’s books and video game concept art and is currently designing an African-American Tarot Deck based on rural, Midwestern, African-American folklore and Magical practices. She is also the bassist for the Seattle Dark Rock/Gothic/Industrial band Legion Within. Legion Within is currently in the process of releasing its 5th formal CD, entitled Idiot Prime, which is a protest of the Corporate Colonization of Seattle’s Capitol Hill.

Liane Behrens – Contributor (@typographically)

Liane Behrens is a Seattle suburb–based writer/editor who focuses her creative energy on fandom, activism, and nerding out. In addition to her work at Jetspace, she’s a writer for GeekGirlCon. She’s asexual, genderqueer, and ready to get down to business.

Mary Anne Carter – Illustrator (@jesusmaryannejoseph)

Mary Anne Carter is a Seattle-based visual artist and curator. Although she is best known for wearing a shit ton of capes, she spends most of her time screen printing sexual innuendos and poetry on just about any flat surface she can get her hands on. In addition to Jetspace Magazine, her work has been featured in The Stranger, City Arts, The Poetry Foundation, No Dear Magazine, and a selection of books released by Ugly Duckling Presse. Can’t get enough? Browse her online store, Jesus Mary Anne Joseph, or check out her portfolio, This is Mary Anne Carter.

Sam Chapman – Contributor (@BMBX)

Sam Chapman is a human who lives and writes in Seattle, Washington. After growing up in Spokane and graduating from Pacific Lutheran University, desirous of more widespread awareness of composting and mold, he moved to the big city, and has never looked back. Except sometimes when he has. He enjoys music, eating at Beth’s Cafe and scrapbooking pictures of Patti Smith. He dislikes people who are rude to waiters, sunburns, and how your hands smell after chopping garlic. On top of covering music for Jetspace Magazine, he also posts his thoughts about music and life (but mostly music) on his personal blog.

Ryan Crawford – Contributor (@yesisaidcabsauv)

Ryan Crawford is an online content marketer, social media manager, and whisky fan. As a Northwest native, he’s a devoted activist and an environmentally-conscious sexpot. You can find more of his writing at Seattle Gay Scene, Gay City Anthologies 3-5, Arcana: the Tarot Poetry Anthology, and his company’s corporate blog.

Braedyn Ezra – Contributor

Braedyn Ezra is a 28 year old queer transgender stoner dude who uses the power of the Sociological Imagination to undermine the oppressive forces that limit our expression of the dynamic human spirit. He was raised in the dry desert of Phoenix and moved to the Seattle wetlands in 2012 to immerse himself in the uncomfortable and unfamiliar. He is a friendly face at the door and behind the bar of one of the city’s most beloved nightclubs/theatre venues, Re-bar. When he is not philosophizing about the esoteric wondrousness of the universe, you can find him tearing up a dance floor, giving drag queens all of his money, chasing the PNW’s most spectacular waterfalls, or cuddled up in bed binging on the X-Files with his beloved fur baby, Kinsey.

Collin Fitzgerald – Contributor (@bussywillow)

Collin Fitzgerald is an artist, designer, and actor. Originally from Spokane, WA, he burst upon the Seattle nightlife scene like a thousand glow sticks, and has been a staple of the best queer events in town ever since. He has a keen interest in art, fashion, and music, and can often be found at local karaoke nights.

Sarah Galvin – Contributor

Sarah Galvin is the author of a book of poems, The Three Einsteins and a book of essays, The Best party of Our Lives. Her poetry and essays can be also found in io, New Ohio Review, Vice Magazine, and Pinwheel, among others. She is a regular contributor to The Stranger newspaper. She is a winner of the 2015 Lottery Grant, a 2015 James W. Ray award nominee, and was considered for what would have been the first Radio Flyer Wagon DUI in Washington State history.

Nick Sahoyah – Contributor (@sahoyah)

Nick Sahoyah started his comedy career in the summer of 2010 at a gross coffee shop on Capitol Hill. Since then he has had the pleasure of performing stand up across the country participating in festivals such as Limestone Comedy Festival, The Comedy Exposition, Hell Yes Fest, SF Sketchfest, and Bridgetown Comedy Festival. Aside from stand up, you may recognize Nick from his latest short film Poster Boy! on Vimeo or his appearance in the feature length Jinkx Monsoon documentary Drag Becomes Him.

Mark Finley – Contributor

David-Edward Hughes – Contributor

Zaki Ibrahimi – Contributor

Jason Mueller – Contributor

Yani Robinson – Contributor