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Dore Alley – Folsom Without The Tourists

Many experienced kinksters will tell you that Folsom Street Fair has become too big and well-known to enjoy, attracting gawking tourists and ultimately taming down the shock value of the public kink while Dore is more “serious” and “hardcore.” Although Dore is still relatively small compared to Folsom Street Fair or IML, there’s a ton to do and see, whether you just picked up your first harness or if you’re an old pro.

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Queer Geek: Adventurers Wanted, Apply Within

Queer Geek! Seattle is an organization for LGBTQ folks who are interested in things typically classified as geeky to network and socialize both online and offline. Topics includes things like science fiction, fantasy, horror, gaming, anime, movies, literature, and similar.

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The Adventures of Pup Turbo

The kink phenomenon of pup play, role-playing the persona of a puppy, shows no signs of slowing down in its popularity. I recently got to chat with Pup Turbo, Northwest Puppy for 2016 and current reigning International Puppy. He’s passionate about his kinks and sharing them with the community.

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New Year, New Kink

Does your New Year’s resolution involve exploring a new fetish? Are you new to the area and looking for kinky soirées? Seattle has a vibrant queer kink scene with many entry points for newbies. Whether your taste runs to leather, puppies, bondage, or other, there are lots of ways to get involved.

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Inclusivity Is Good Business: Seattle’s Phoenix Comics

If you’ve been a nerd for some time, chances are you’ve heard a story of a woman walking into a comic store and being made to feel uncomfortable or out of place. (Or that story is yours.) Maybe you’re a queer person looking for game experiences and comics that include people like you, stories you can relate to. Possibly you just want to go somewhere and feel included in your game experience, as someone who fits outside the traditional white male audience for gaming.

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Totally Unofficial Guide to TWIST 2016

While Twist may be an unfamiliar name for you, you’re surely familiar with Three Dollar Bill Cinema and their annual Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. They rebranded as Twist: Seattle Queer Film Festival this year to better reflect the inclusivity in their programming. Their film selections are as strong as ever, with a huge variety of films over 11 days (October 13 – 23) at Capitol Hill and downtown Seattle locations.

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GaymerX 4: Putting The Gay In Gaming

What is GaymerX, you may ask? GaymerX is a convention where gaming and LGBTQ interests come together. Whether your interests involve socializing with queer gamers, network for gaming jobs, or changing the world through inclusiveness of players and content in games, GaymerX has something for you.

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Set Phasers to Stunning: Star Trek in the Park

I have a confession to make. I am not a fan of Shakespeare in the Park.

Now having said this, I performed plays in Shakespeare in the Park during my days as an actor and had a wonderful experience. I fully support theatre that is free (or donation-supported) to expose audiences to the arts who couldn’t otherwise afford it. In theory, the mix of great performances and summer weather is ideal.

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Basement Theatrics’ Spring Awakening: Stormy With A Chance Of Clear Skies

Spring Awakening is a hot ticket. The latest revival by Deaf West Theatre earned several Tony nominations. In Seattle, we’ve had a touring production and a more recent, well-received production by the dearly missed Balagan Theatre. Spring Awakening’s mix of 19th-century setting, lyrical, antiquated-style text and a contemporary pop score by singer-songwriter Duncan Sheik has captivated audiences since its Broadway debut in 2006 starring Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff. How does new-kid-on-the-block theatre company Basement Theatrics’ production fare?

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