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Queer Geek: Four Years and Counting

Seattle has long been an incredibly geeky city, with its strong and growing array of tech companies, numerous game companies, and an ever-growing array of nerd-friendly hangout spots. So it’s only natural that it was an ideal place to launch an entry into the increasingly popular LGBTQ-focused fandom scene.

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Totally Unofficial Queer Guide to Emerald City Comicon 2016

So you’re an LGBT person attending Emerald City Comicon 2016 this year, a celebration of comics and pop culture here in Seattle from April 7-10. There’s quite the schedule to pore through (and it’s not the easiest site layout to do it), so we’ve pulled out the most relevant panels and offsite events (official and not) for your attending and viewing pleasure. Please note that while this is a long list, it’s not 100% comprehensive, so if you know of anything that should be added, please let us know! In any case where it doesn’t seem obvious, we’ve indicated why we’ve...

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Bawdyhaus: All Bodies Belong on the Dance Floor

If you’re part of the Vancouver nightclub scene, you’ve likely heard the name DJ GingerBear Todd (aka Todd Brisbin). He’s been putting on parties for years, from charity shows to live drag shows to corporate events. Among others, he’s particularly proud of his contributions on the RUFF party, which debuted five years ago with DJ Barney Phil. Recently, Todd’s noticed more and more events focus around the “perfect” body. “I want to go somewhere that I can feel comfortable in the skin I’m in, whether hanging out having a drink or dancing shirtless with other men,” Todd stated. Enter Bawdyhaus....

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Gay Comic Geek: Falling In Love With Comics And Cosplay

The world of entertainment has changed vastly over the past several years. No longer does fame require an agent and television air time. If you have compelling video content and market yourself well, you can get plenty of viewers, whether as hobbyist, as a career, or even YouTube celebrity. But how do you stand out from the crowd? The Gay Comic Geek found a niche that had been previously unexplored: as a gay comic book vlogger. I spoke with the Gay Comic Geek, also known as Paul Charles, to find out how he started his online presence. “I had never...

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What’s The Deal With ReedPOP And Emerald City Comicon?

Seattle’s premiere comic book convention, Emerald City Comicon was acquired by ReedPOP last January. Last year’s convention was relatively unaffected by it, as it was well into planning at the time of acquisition. While the original organizers are continuing to run things, this year will be the first year of the ReedPOP-branded and flavored Emerald City Comicon. What should you expect? There have been rumblings of change that are worrisome to me and other fans (many of whom have commented on their Facebook page.) In past years, there were numerous fun Facebook posts announcing amazing headliner guests that have been absent...

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Norwescon: 39 Years of Fandom and Counting

This is part of a series of profiles of conventions, local to Seattle and across the country, with missions that are relevant to the LGBTQ community. While I’ve been an active convention goer as an adult for the last several years, I also attended a number of conventions in my pre-teen and early teen years with my dad, who at the time aspired to write fantasy/SF as a hobbyist. Most of the conventions I attended were in Portland–Orycon most frequently–but a few of them were in Seattle. I went to Westercon, Dragonflight, and Norwescon. These were the days when attending...

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Hard to Swallow: When Comics Get Down And Dirty

I have a confession to make. I’ve always preferred erotica to porn. While I appreciate the voyeuristic nature of adult films, erotica can lead you down paths that are less realistic. Paths into territory that’s hard to portray on a screen. Genres you wouldn’t expect. Whether getting off, or just exploring sex in a deeper way, erotica’s a powerful genre, and I’ve always preferred using my imagination to fill in the blanks. The same holds true for erotica in comic form. Comics have often ventured into new territory. The powerfully muscled superheroes that are best-known in the medium have...

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Out Con: Queer Geeks & Palm Trees

This is part of a series of profiles of conventions, local to Seattle and across the country, with missions that are relevant to the LGBTQ community. When I think of Miami, Florida, I think of sunny beaches, palm trees, cocktails and ‘80s TV shows. My mind doesn’t immediately jump to Miami as a destination for gaming, science fiction or fantasy. While there’s clearly an outstanding queer club scene there, there’s also a number of conventions and a strong fan presence. We spoke to cosplayer Jonathan Stryker about the first annual Out Con, one of the first LGBTQ geek conventions in Florida,...

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Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend: A First-Timer’s Guide/Experience

For those interested in kink events primarily targeted towards a queer male-identified audience, there are a number of great ones out there. Most people have heard of Folsom Street Fair and International Mr. Leather (IML). In Washington, DC in January, there’s another big kink event that draws a lot of attendees and participants: Mid-Atlantic Leather Weekend (MAL). I’ve attended Folsom, IML, Dore Alley, Mr. International Rubber, and Rubbout. But there’s a first time for everything, so this year I decided to attend MAL for the first time. Here are my thoughts, and a guide for those who might consider attending...

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Pup Bolt’s Taking The Kinksters To School

If you’re curious about getting tied up, being paddled, or any other ways to express your sexuality beyond what’s considered vanilla, even in this day and age there are limited resources available to learn. There are some great books out there, but that’s quite a time commitment and deep dive to satisfy an initial interest. You can certainly watch relevant pornography, but that may feed something other than a desire to learn how-to. What sort of resources exist out there for a quick fix in learning the basics about kink? Enter Pup Bolt and Pup Amp, also known as Cass Bolton and Tyler...

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