Author: Eric Starker

Gay Onscreen: The Rise of Queer Web Series

The LGBT presence is growing on network and cable television. Gay characters on shows like Modern Family are a more regular presence, while shows like Lookihng offer a more specific lens into queer culture. Still, network and cable shows aren’t always able to offer as personal and relatable an experience as an LGBTQ viewer, like myself, would want.

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Seattle: Queer Geeks Galore

Seattle is widely known as one of the geekiest places in North America (at the very least). Whether it’s due to the rain, the glut of software and game companies in the area, or some other factor, you’d be hard pressed to find a city with more game stores, arcades, conventions, bookstores, and various havens to explore your love of comics, science fiction, and video games. In the last several years especially, geekdom has expanded into events targeted towards geeks who are also queer. Huge, mainstream conventions such as PAX and Gen Con have added panels about inclusivity and...

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Into The Woods: I Could Not Wish For More

When I first heard about the release of a movie version of Into the Woods, based on the Stephen Sondheim stage musical I had adored since I was a teenager, I was excited and skeptical. The recent film adaptation of Sondheim’s Sweeney Todd had its moments, definitely presenting both a point of view and a fun, macabre story aimed at a younger audience, but it sacrificed a lot with the sub-par vocals of the beautiful score. Into the Woods is part of that same recent movie musical boom. It features a mostly “movie star” cast that’s not universally known...

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