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Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Re-bar

Re-bar occupies a strange and lovely place in Seattle – both spatially and historically. The bar, located in the nebulous Denny Triangle, has provided a safe space for queer nightlife in the city for decades. It’s also where Nirvana staged its record release show for Nevermind (and where the band was famously kicked out of that same night).

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The Sweet Dichotomy of Cherdonna Shinatra

With a composed, sweet, and measured voice, the woman behind the spastic, exaggerated femme persona known as Cherdonna Shinatra describes her upcoming projects. The tone of the conversation is markedly different compared to the character’s at-times cartoonish physicality, but the woman behind Cherdonna, Seattle’s Jody Kuehner, has no problem with the concept of dichotomy.

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Breaking Taboos with Chocolate Drizzle

Keon Volt Price is not afraid of sex – not afraid to talk about it, to dance sexually in public or even to laugh about it. “Sex is in every culture,” says the Seattle-based 29-year-old dancer and burlesque performer. “No matter how you feel about it, it’s in every culture.”

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Waxie Moon: A Shining Light of Boylesque

For Seattle’s Marc Kenison – known also by his stage name, Waxie Moon – boylesque is still shaping and defining itself as an art form. Kenison, a prolific performer who identifies as a boylesque dancer first and foremost, says the style was born from early 20th century burlesque shows.

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