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Goodwill Hunting: Ink Jet My Space

February brought a lot of change for me–a new job, a new perspective and a new appreciation for many things. So long to the days of working long graveyard shifts and the lack of energy, enthusiasm, and drive. Today is all about being as productive as possible, making the most of the day and advancing further than I ever dreamed. This keeps me on the go a lot, and with a lot more paperwork. Even in this day in age, digital is still not king, and many people and companies still want literal paper trails. Being on the move...

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Goodwill Hunting: Dashboard Confessions

As many of my readers are learning, I have an affinity for my electronics. But I have an even bigger passion than that. Cars. I have a deep love for almost anything automotive. Except the Prius. I’m only thankful they are around to be an identifier. Modern technologies are pretty amazing and so powerful, but in some cases it’s evident that their construction was not carefully thought through. I’m looking at you Apple Magic Mouse 2. We’ve all had ugly clocks, and held on to those CD and MP3 players. Looking back at them today I can help but think:...

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Goodwill Hunting: Amazon Ding-Dong Dash

Have you ever had the strangest case of déjà vu? You swore you had already done something before? That’s what I’m feeling when I wrote this article. I remember writing it so vividly writing, my references and my jokes. But for the life of me I couldn’t find the previous it. It’s maddening really, having to do it all over again. You may have experienced the same thing if you’ve used grocery delivery services like Peapod (that’s a throwback), Hello Envoy, Instacart, Safeway Grocery Delivery, and even Amazon Fresh. You forget to order something. You order the wrong thing....

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Amazon Hunting: Best Buds

Alright, its confession time. Your confession, specifically. You love you iPhones, and you love your Beats by Dre. I get it, they’re shiny, popular, and severely overpriced. What’s not to love about surrendering that last paycheck to something you’re going to cry over as the newer version comes out 6 months later? Is it really worth it? Apple has always had an interesting relationship with your music. iTunes debuted in 2001, starting life as SoundJam MP in 1998, only to be acquired by Apple in 2000. 2001 saw the 2.0 update in 2001, alongside the release of the very...

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Goodwill Hunting: StreamPunk

If you stream your shows online, you are no doubt in a #showhole, as Amazon puts it. If you’re like me and are sucked into the Marvel and DC Universes (sorry Game of Thrones peeps) you’ll be waiting at least another week and until end of February to find out what happens after those cliff hangers. In the meantime, you have a lot of free time on your hands and an unlimited potential of things to watch. Some of you watch your shows on your phones, your laptops, and, of course, your televisions. And when it comes to watching them...

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Goodwill Hunting: Got a Good Feeling

Personal technology has erupted into something spectacular over the past few years. Our devices are getting more powerful, thinner, smaller, and bigger at the same time. Our smart phones continuously get more spectacular, our laptops get thinner and lighter, and our tablets have emerged as the in-between for both devices that seems to be the best of both worlds. These devices have their downfalls. The Apple iPad lacks utility and practicality, offering no other input method other than touch. Then there’s the Microsoft Surface. It offers utility and functionality, but can lack in performance. To me, nothing will replace...

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Goodwill Hunting: Slinging In The Rain

I rarely deviate when I go on my bargain hunts. I tend to bee-line straight for the electronics. For some reason, on this trip to Goodwill, I was distracted and I decided to go check out the men’s accessories. I don’t identify as a posh gay. I don’t lust after designer handbags or own more shoes than I’ll ever be able to wear. Although, who doesn’t love a good pair of kicks, am I right? I do have an affinity for the practical utility of a good messenger bag. As I walk over to see a sea of miscellaneous...

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Goodwill Hunting: Logitech diNovo Mini

We’ve all heard the phrase: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Some generally equate that to it being literal trash or something of very little value. To me, that’s not the case. I take that saying with a different meaning. Simply put: they are abandoning potential. While it’s true that people do discard real junk as they cull their belongings (or grandma downsizes her tchotchke collection) there are times people simply toss things they have forgotten about or forgotten their worth. And it’s not just monetary value, as many of these things thought to be worthless are still...

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