Author: Erica (Raven) Branch-Butler

I Knew It

I’m sayin’ it. I knew Trump was going to win. I knew it. I knew because I grew up in rural Illinois and I have lived in Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Southern Indiana. I understand what the rest of the country is like.

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Gay Brujos and Holy Death

In this unique Jetspace Magazine series, we explore alt-paths of spirituality that tend to attract queers, and why. This week we examine two intersecting alt-spiritualities that come to us from Central America, most notably Mexico: traditional Mexican Witchcraft (Brujeria) and the ancient cult of Santa Muerte (“Holy Death”).

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Raven’s Reading Rainbow: Missing You

One of the hardest experiences we can go through is the loss of a loved one. It’s so difficult to let go, so painful to realize that we have seen their smile for the last time, that we will never be blessed with their presence in our life again. Many of us turn to the Spirit World for solace, hoping against hope that our loved one can speak to us from beyond the grave, from another plane, or from Heaven.

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Raven’s Reading Rainbow: Poco A Poco

Hoo-boy, what a week! With all of the Paradigm-Shifting-From-The-Fourth-Level-of-Hell craziness that was the Most Surreal Election Ever, it’s difficult to remember that people still have real-world problems to deal with. The question put forth by this week’s reader is a timely reminder that everything doesn’t revolve around who ended up becoming the Orange Buffoon in Chief. This week’s Reader shared the following: After almost 12 years together, roughly 9 of which have involved my husband participating minimally in the relationship, he has now wants to separate. I believe in my heart its best for us to part ways, but...

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Raven’s Reading Rainbow: Big Fish, Smaller Pond

You’d think that life in a big city would be just fabulous for finding love, right? It’s a bigger pond to fish in, for starters. There’s all sorts of activities for couples, from laid back cafes and restaurants to adventure date activities like skydiving and whale watching. So, why do some people have so much trouble finding that special someone? This week’s reader asked: After moving back to the city, I’ve gotten steady work and made a stable home for myself. I have friends, but dating has brought a string of heartbreak, tragedy and disappointments. I feel that I may...

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Raven’s Reading Rainbow: Getting Off The Treadmill

You know how sometimes you feel as if you’re caught in a loop, sort of like Bill Murray in the film “Groundhog Day”? Seemingly negative cycles can take years to run their course, and then, after a short period of contentment, that same old cycle starts again. How do we ever get off the treadmill? This is where Laura was coming from when she asked: I’ve been going through a lot, for the last few years. Is my life going to get better? I feel that it is, but I’ve been waiting a long, long time. In order to...

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Raven’s Reading Rainbow: Keep The Faith

Searching for a new job, especially one that is a step up the career ladder? Well, that’s a job all in itself! It’s like going on the quest for the Holy Grail. Many tests and trials lie ahead on a path often shrouded in mystery and false or misleading fronts. Often, the struggle is to resist taking the first job offer that comes along, rather than waiting for the right fit. And, sometimes the net we cast can be a bit too wide. We apply for anything and everything even slightly relevant to our job history.

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