Author: Robert Roth

Trans Models Strut Their Stuff

When cable TV’s Oxygen network recently debuted their new show from producer Whoopi Goldberg, it had all the hallmarks of good reality TV. Their was sexy models, trash talk confessionals, and drinks being thrown into well made-up faces. Only one thing made the show stand out from the pack: the cast were all trans.

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Turning Tricks with Deven Green

Deven Green is seven and a half feet tall. Ok, maybe not, but she still looms over you in that fabulous way only a someone with such statuesque beauty can do. No matter how tall she is though, she’s definitely a force to be reckoned with.

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Transforming the Conversation About Being Transgender

The transgender and gender-nonconforming community has seen significantly increased visibility over the past few years. Despite this increase in visibility, only 23% of people in Washington say they personally know someone who is transgender, according to TRANSform Washington, a newly launched statewide public education campaign from Pride Foundation.

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Pushing Cosplay Past the Color Barrier

Costume play, or cosplay as it’s most commonly known, is a worldwide phenomenon with dedicated fans who spent countless hours and sums of money to recreate the looks of their favorite characters. There are entire conventions dedicated to it, and those fan conventions that aren’t still fill up with costumed homages to characters both well-known and obscure.

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Bedroom Series: Jacob

We did this photo shoot in Jacob’s living room instead of his bedroom, which was small and didn’t have any natural light, so you’ll have to forgive my use of the term Bedroom Series for this one. I’m sure you’d agree that the lighting in the living room was good (really good, not Tumblr selfie good.)

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Bedroom Series: AJ

AJ told me that after this shoot he and a friend were going to try out drag for the first time. While he’s no stranger to wearing makeup and heels, it would be the first time AJ has done full on drag. He didn’t know whether or not he would shave off his beard, though, but is grateful to live somewhere that embraces a bearded drag queen more readily than South Carolina, where he grew up.

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The Business of Pride

We’ve clearly come a long way in the four decades since the first Pride celebrations. Now that the business of pride has taken center stage, though, you have to wonder if it’s been in the right direction.

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