Author: Robert Roth

AB Soto: More Than a Man In a Quinceañera Dress

In a post-modern, deconstructionist society that’s supremely concerned with labels and identity, it’s refreshing to see any entertainer who actively works to avoid them. AB Soto is a great example. Born in East LA, but living in New York, he manages to embody the best of both coasts. He’s at once both butch and femme. He’s a dancer, a fashion designer, a musician, and an artist. His music could be called dance pop, hip-hop, or new wave. Sometimes he’s nearly naked, and others he’s performing in a party dress. He’s a performer who defies definition, especially when you ask...

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Putting The Villian Back in Vaudeville

by Robert Roth Long before her masses of adoring gay fans knew of her, Jerek Hoffer, aka Jinkx Monsoon, and her partner in crime, Richard Andriessen, aka Major Scales, were performing their two man show for adoring audiences at Cornish College. Cut to the present and that show, The Vaudevillians, has become an international phenomenon, selling out for months at New York’s Laurie Beechman Theater and touring across the vast expanse of Australia, thanks in large part to Jinkx’s 2013 win on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The premise of the show is simple and genius. Kitty Witless (Hoffer) and Doctor...

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The Lady Is a Tramp: The Truth According to Lady Bunny

It’s a beautiful day outside, as I sit perched in front of my dining room table waiting for a call from musician, promoter, DJ, and drag legend Lady Bunny. This was an interview that I felt appropriately prepared for, but I was still nervous. She is, after all, a legend. Well, as much of a legend as you can be and still be living, I suppose. When my phone eventually rang, though, I was treated to a delightful conversation with a thoughtful, well-spoken leader of the queer community. Lady Bunny will be visiting Seattle in a few weeks for...

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Sing a Song of Sixpence: Patrick-Ian Polk’s Blackbird

The coming out while coming of age story is an integral part of most every gay person’s life experience. As public acceptance of the LGBTQ community has grown over the years, more and more young people are coming out at younger ages. The struggles between homosexuality and religion are long running and deep, though, and have colored the experiences of many in the LGBTQ community, often for the worse. With Blackbird, director Patrick-Ian Polk offers his take on growing up gay in a religious household in a conservative, Southern small town. Polk, along with fellow screenwriter Rikki Beadle Blair,...

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By the Light of the Waxie Moon

I don’t recall the first time I met Marc Kenison, but I’m pretty sure it was at the old Kaladi Brothers coffee shop on Pike, before they moved to their swanky new digs. He’s a quiet man, with an uncanny ability to blend into a crowd of coffee patrons that belies his tall lanky frame and superb trucker ‘stache. Marc is unfailingly sweet, polite, and personable, possessing the demeanor of an elementary school teacher, perhaps. I recall quite well, though, the first time I saw Waxie Moon perform. It was a performance filled with verve and vigor. And boy...

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Jennifer Hale: The Interview with Commander Shepard

I’m not Commander Shepard, but this is my favorite interview on the internet. Unless you’re a video game geek connoisseur, you may not know the name Jennifer Hale. You probably know her work, however, as she’s lent her voice to a plethora of the most popular video games, including Metal Gear Solid, Bioshock: Infinite: Diablo 3, and Mass Effect.

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Hurricane Krot

Tork Shaw is the very embodiment of the word frenetic. Even when he’s sitting curled up on his couch for our interview, the manic energy he gives off is palpable. The fast paced speech and wild gestures are eminently positive and friendly, though, and certainly make conversations with him enjoyable, and a little exciting. Tork, or DJ Krot, as he’s known when he’s behind the decks, is a relative newcomer to Seattle, and even more so to the Seattle nightlife scene. But he’s no stranger to nightlife. The 33 year old Scotland native has been tearing it up in...

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Prideshots: 2014 Seattle Pride Parade

Jetspace was on hand for the 40th Annual Seattle Pride Parade, which drew hundreds of thousands of viewers and well-wishers to the streets of downtown Seattle. It is one of the oldest Pride parades in the nation, and is filled with amazing businesses, groups, organizations and individuals gathered together to celebrate continued progress toward full LGBT equality. For 2014, the celebrity Grand Marshall was none other than gay icon George Takei. Photos by Robert Roth for...

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What Does The Fox Say: A Chat With Joslyn Fox

“Thanks for being so patient with me,” Joslyn offered as an apology, although none was needed. We had to reschedule our interview twice during the week due to the demands of her travel schedule. Being a famous drag queen can be pretty demanding nowadays, especially for a queen fresh off of the latest season of RuPaul’s Drag Race like Joslyn Fox, and I was happy to accommodate her. Joslyn was the 9th contestant eliminated from this past season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, making it farther into the season than a lot of her competitors seemed to expect. Whether or...

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The Once and Future Queen: Adore Delano

“Oh, I’m tired,” Adore tells me, laughing, when I ask how she’s doing. It’s understandable, considering how busy life has become for the 24 year old Azusa, CA native. She called me from Boston after having just arrived from performing in Providence the night before. Future performance dates include a trip to Ireland, as well as a packed schedule of Pride performances around the US. Until recently, most people knew Adore as Danny Noriega, the sweet and sassy Latino boy with the lesbian haircut, who traded barbs with Simon Cowell on the seventh season of American Idol in 2008....

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Not The Only Gay In The Village: Bright Light Bright Light

One doesn’t often hear, in the US at least, about things that come from Wales. Much like the difficulty non-Americans (and quite a few Americans) have when told to name and place all fifty US states, most non-British folk often face the same challenge with Wales. It’s a place that tends to fall off the map. To me, Wales is a place where a lot of the British TV that I enjoy is filmed (Cardiff is sort of the Vancouver of the UK). And it’s a place with a language made almost entirely from consonants. I even have a...

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Stose: Queer Punk and Naked Hip Hop

“What’s that straight guy doing here?” That’s the sometime reaction Stose has gotten when performing at queer events, he tells me. It’s understandable, since his music and performance style are much more jarring and “in your face” than the typical happy, homo-house dance music you often here at the gay clubs. I took the opportunity to chat with Stose for a while prior to his recent live performance at the Seattle Eagle in October. He has a polite and friendly demeanor in conversation that belies his brash onstage persona. And he is most definitely gay. His recorded music has...

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Ephemera and Funky Disco: Futurewife

We’re looking for a place to sit on the patio at the Olive Way Starbucks. Or, Gaybucks, as it’s known to the locals. It’s a warm, sunny Friday afternoon, one of those days that can easily make you forget what a Seattle winter can feel like. “Let’s get one with an umbrella,” Tighe suggests. “I’m a ginger,” he adds, and chuckles. Futurewife is Tighe McGillivray. The 31 year old Seattle native is also a triple threat: DJ, producer, and recording artist. It’s his DJing that first caught my attention, though. His sound is classic, and soulful, working disco beats,...

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Prideshots: 2013 Seattle Pride Parade

2013 marks 39 years for the Seattle Pride Parade, one of the oldest in the nation. Hundreds of thousands of spectators lined the streets of downtown Seattle on the last Sunday in June to celebrate LGBT history, and advances in LGBT equality, and Jetspace was on hand to catch all of the action. Photos by Robert Roth for Jetspace....

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It Takes A Real Man To Wear Meggings

“I’m Nick Sahoyah and I’m sitting in a chair.” Nick does a soundcheck for me, as I try and determine the best placement for the recorder in the din of the coffee shop. Nick Sahoyah is a Washington, DC born, Washington state raised comic, writer, and producer. He’s 25 and a half years old. “How old do you have to be before you stop using the half,” I ask him. “26”, he replies, with a chuckle. He’s been doing comedy for just over three years. His first performance was in May of 2010, at a coffee shop across the...

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