Author: Yani Robinson

One Last Inning For The Double Header

At 5:00pm on Wednesday, December 30, 2015, I walk into the Double Header (407 2nd Avenue Ext S.) in Pioneer Square. It is 39 degrees outside. The bar top is clean, as are the hardwood floors. Patrons play classic rock from the jukebox. There’s a wreath of wine corks strung together in concentric circles. Two bartenders eye me warily. One bearish man in his thirties, who I will call Mr. Bear, has worked here for nine years. The other, a graying woman with a striking unlined face, answers to Missy and is proud to claim the crown of The...

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Transparent’s Ian Harvie Hosts The First Annual Gender Justice Awards

Seattle’s Gender Justice League will be taking over Melrose Market Studios next Thursday, August 6 starting at 6pm for the debut of the Gender Justice Awards. The dinner will highlight and showcase the continuing activism of trans and allied activists who have made incredible strides for trans, genderqueer, and gender nonconforming people in the Pacific Northwest. The event is also a fundraiser for Gender Justice League, supporting their work on such amazing projects as Trans* Pride Seattle. The Gender Justice Awards will be hosted by Ian Harvie of the Golden Globe Award-winning series Transparent. Harvie, well-known for his many...

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Oh My Darling: Inside The Mind Of Porn Prince James Darling

James Darling, despite holding several day jobs, is probably best known as an award-winning FTM porn director, performer, and sex educator, as well as the man behind James will be visiting Seattle this week to judge the Mr. Trans Seattle pageant at Kremwerk. I sat down with James for a phone interview to ask him about being a porn star, trans visibility, and what it was like to be a contestant in the Original Plumbing Trans Man pageant in San Francisco last year. According to your interview on Original Plumbing (a trans culture magazine), you’re from Atlanta, right? James...

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Meet the Trans Man of your Dreams: Mr. Trans Seattle Pageant

by Yani Robinson February 4, 2015 I knew I was looking for a different kind of community when I moved to Seattle in 2013. I spent a few months hustling to find a decent restaurant job and rent I could afford. Not long after, as a birthday present to myself, I sat down with a trans naturopath (only in Seattle, I swear) and started testosterone in October 2013. Seattle’s trans community is huge. I have met close to a hundred trans men and women here. If the turnout for Trans Pride is any indication, there are hundreds more I...

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