Author: Zaki Ibrahimi

Intersectionality: What is it, and why do I need to know?

The queer community encompasses many facets of marginalization. We are gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans people, disabled people, people of color, people with multiple systems of beliefs, and any and all combinations therein. Intersectionality is defined as the study of intersections (meetings) of types or systems of oppression, discrimination, or domination. Some examples of this would be me, a queer person of color, or a black woman. But to elaborate, let’s call to attention the hardships of being a black woman. Intersectionality clearly identifies that the socialized experience of a black woman is not enough to understand the oppression placed on her. As a community, we are...

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Queer Etiquette for Gay Men: A Guide to Navigating Queer Spaces

Have you been to a queer event in Seattle? We have so many amazing nights right now: SHADE, Night Crush, Girl Bye!, GlamourPuss, and Transfabulous, just to name a few! There is so much diversity in color and texture within our community. We want to share this beauty with you, make memories, and open minds. Have you ever thought about the appropriate etiquette for navigating queer spaces? The queer sect of our LGBTQ community has recently gained large-scale visibility. That means some insensitive and uncomfortable situations are occurring. Here a few topics to help us all co-exist and have...

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