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The Art of a Mayoral Run: Nikkita Oliver

Local artist, teacher, activist, community organizer and attorney Nikkita Oliver recently launched her run against Ed Murray for Seattle’s mayoral seat. Oliver, who’s gained recognition as both an eminent Seattle artist and a keen and passionate community organizer, is a vocal leader of Seattle’s Black Lives Matter faction, has helped spearhead the campaigns against the proposed massive North Precinct police station and a new King County youth penitentiary in an effort to eliminate the city’s investment in the school to prison pipeline.

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Doing Spit Takes with Trixie Mattel

It’s been nearly two years since Trixie Mattel graced the TV stage of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and it’s time that she’s made the most of. Since her initial appearance, elimination, re-appearance, and re-elimination from RuPaul’s queen-making machine, she’s become a YouTube celebrity, both solo and in partnership with her best squirrel-friend Katya, toured with her own live stage show, and even made a guest appearance on the most recent season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story.

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The Good Witch Tara Hardy

Words have long held power. From the past days of witches and shamans, to the present day were a single tweet can make or break a career, the power of words, of language, is undeniable. One of my favorite wordsmiths (and, full disclosure, one of my favorite people) is the author of a recently released collection of amazing words called My, My, My, My, My.

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When There Were Angels

When There Were Angels is the first full-length production from playwright and director Robert Roth, starring Abie Ekenezar, Collin Fitzgerald, Moshe Henderson, Jeffrey Robert, Nick Sahoyah, and Javion Smith. It ran as part of Gay City Arts’ 4th Season at the Calamus Auditorium at Gay City.

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Under the Sea with Jamie Torcellini

I first met Jamie Torcellini in my junior year at the United States International University School of Performing and Visual Arts. He was a diminutive young Gene Kelly type who had grown up in San Diego’s Jr. Theatre program. We acted together in a main-stage production of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, where he was anything but type-cast as the Courtesan peddler Marcus Lycus, and I was (at age 20) the venerable and dotty Erronius.

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Playing With Angels

Tonight marks the debut not only of a new queer theatrical production, but of a new queer playwright and director, Robert Roth. The play is called “When there were Angels”, Robert’s semi-autobiographical account of fleeing his emotionally abusive and homophobic family to find self-acceptance, adventure, and love–and it comes to us at a time when the need for new queer arts has been so deeply underscored.

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The Grandeur of Mal DeFleur

Drag, French cabaret songs, and pizza are not ideas that usually appear in close proximity to one another, yet somehow, on a Wednesday night, I found myself sitting in Dino’s with Seattle’s premiere drag chanteuse. The world is funny like that.

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