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The Art of a Mayoral Run: Nikkita Oliver

Local artist, teacher, activist, community organizer and attorney Nikkita Oliver recently launched her run against Ed Murray for Seattle’s mayoral seat. Oliver, who’s gained recognition as both an eminent Seattle artist and a keen and passionate community organizer, is a vocal leader of Seattle’s Black Lives Matter faction, has helped spearhead the campaigns against the proposed massive North Precinct police station and a new King County youth penitentiary in an effort to eliminate the city’s investment in the school to prison pipeline.

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Protesting Inauguration Day

This Friday, January 20, things are going to change. There are a lot of ways to react to and process about Donald Trump being inaugurated as the president of the United States. In and around Seattle, there are some specific, positive ways to feel like your voice is being heard.

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I Knew It

I’m sayin’ it. I knew Trump was going to win. I knew it. I knew because I grew up in rural Illinois and I have lived in Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Southern Indiana. I understand what the rest of the country is like.

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Make Your Black Friday Matter

The day after Thanksgiving has been traditionally known as Black Friday for decades, gaining popular usage to describe the first day of the holiday shopping season in the early 1980s. It’s grown into a day where retailers, desperate for the consumer dollar, open earlier and earlier and offer deeper and deeper discounts on cheaply made retail goods.

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Yes, Cascadia: Towards A New System

A movement in the Pacific Northwest has been growing for years. It’s called Cascadia, and has been about building a vibrant bioregional and inclusive social and cultural community. While it has succeeded in fostering connections and a sense of place in this particular region of the United States it has the potential to grow even more.

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