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HomoAthletix: Featured Artist Profiles

Here’s a deeper look at the artists/designers who’s work I featured in the Homothletix spread, including Ash Fist City, Sky Jordan King, and Sarah Rosenblatt (Zombie Basil Press). Thanks so much to each of them for their talent and allowing me access to their brilliance.

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Queer Style: Homoathletix

This spread is one in the vein of fashion loitering. I aim to embrace the open space within the city however it may manifest. Unconstructed lots, parking garage roofs and the wild shrubbery of Seattle inspire and push me to showcase the beauty in the manmade and how it interacts with nature.

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The Queer Style Inspirations You’re Looking For

I am an atypical fashion editor. I did not study at a merchandising or fashion institution. I have never aspired to design my own line. I seek to push media forward to embrace all the bodies and beauty I know and adore in my personal life. Here a few of my favorite artists, brands, and personalities from Instagram.

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