The Mix is back with this week’s Friday Five. From make outs and movies, to theater and TWIST, don’t miss these five really amazing, hand-picked events happening in the PNW this weekend.

Friday, October 14

Make Out Party with Julie Herrera
Friday, October 14 / 9pm
Seattle Eagle Tavern (314 E Pike St, Seattle)

Ever get tired of standing around looking pensive but warm, fierce but approachable, and yet that mega crush of yours still hasn’t come up to you? Or maybe you’re afraid to go out because of this mythical “Seattle Freeze” you’ve heard so much about… well why not break the ice yourself at the Make Out Party? It’s like the Seattle anti-freeze, you just go up and be all like “hey, wanna make out with me for a photo? you get a free jello shot” and they go “um yes duh” and then the rest is drunk history.


NecroNancy with Tiffany “New York” Pollard
Friday, October 14 / 9pm
Lovecraft Bar (421 SE Grand Ave, Portand)

The HBIC herself, Tiffany “New York” Pollard, will be at Lovecraft Bar for Portland’s spookiest party, NecroNancy! Friday October 14th they are (dis)honoring the birth of NecroNancy’s CEO/HBIC Buckmaster with a show that will go down in herstory! Drag performances by Shitney Houston, Alexis Campbell Starr, Menorah, Maarquii, and resident NecroNancy scream queen Anastasia Euthanasia, with music from DJs Thumper, Princess Dimebag, & Buckmaster. VIP tickets are already sold out, but General Admission tickets are available at the door. Get there early cuz they’ll go fast.


Q-Train: Let Ur Luv Shine

Saturday, October 15

Adrian Ryan Approved

Finding Kim
Saturday, October 15 / 2:15pm
Northwest Film Forum (1515 12th Ave, Seattle)

If you were fortunate enough to enjoy the documentary Finding Kim that SIFF featured to much buzz and acclaim last spring, you can henceforward consider yourself to be one extra-special super lucky fool, indeed–because now you get to see it again! Twist: Seattle Queer Film Festival is bringing the film back for one afternoon only.

Finding Kim is about my friend Kim J. Dogluv, and it takes us on an inspiring and emotional journey with him as he experiences his gender transition. It was locally filmed and produced by Aaron Bear, and is populated with familiar faces like Carmen Carerra from RuPaul’s Drag Race and Dan Savage from, um, irrepressibly being Dan Savage.

“I’m a 50-year-old man,” Kim says. “I never wanted to be a 50-year-old woman, so now I don’t have to be!” It’s this week’s Adrian Ryan Approved Event™!


Playing With Pride
Saturday, Oct 15 / 7pm
Timbre Room (1809 Minor Ave, Seattle)

What does sexuality have to do with gaming? What’s the point of LGBT game conventions? Do same-sex romance options matter? And can gamers find love on Grindr? Matt Baume & James Morris interviewed over 100 queer gamers across the country. Join us for a showcase of the best stories from gamers caught between worlds, building communities, and changing gaming for the better. Doors open at 7, show starts at 7:30. Drinks and games into the evening. (Event is 21+.) Stick around for a raffle with great prizes from Verne & Wells and Games & Gizmos.


Walt Whitman’s Secret
Saturday, October 15 / 8pm (runs through Oct 23)
Presentation House Theatre (333 Chesterfield Avenue, North Vancouver)

Walt Whitman’s Secret mines the life of the most influential poet in the American canon for insights about creativity, sexuality, relations between the sexes and the often irreconcilable tensions between idealized love and how love actually manifests. Was Whitman – one of history’s most eloquent versifiers on romantic love – ever able to attain the kind of love he wrote so forcefully about?