Author: Robert Roth

Jerick Hoffer, The Lady Who Lunches

Every time I see Jerick Hoffer, I’m surprised by how tall he is. Perhaps it’s his soft-spoken, almost demure demeanor that makes me think he’s shorter than he really is. I first met Jerick over a year ago, when I had asked him to host an Academy Awards fundraiser as his drag alter ego, Jinkx Monsoon. I had seen Jinkx perform, and had been blown away by her voice and charisma. Meeting Jerick, then, and seeing how quiet, almost shy, he was, came as quite a surprise. Jerick is friendly, though, and thoughtful. We’re hardly close friends, but we...

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The Dancer Behind The Camera

“I just had my bangs cut this morning,” Fiona tells me, “and my stylist said that I look like one of the Golden Girls.” Purple hair? Check. Animal print? Check. Gaudy baubles? Check. By definition, Fiona Pepe does indeed look like she’s just stepped out of a pastel Miami Beach condo, but by definition only. In reality, her personal style is fabulously eclectic, and she describes it as everything from cabaret to mob wife. Along with the Ballard Value Village and the antique mall above the Burlington Coat factory on Aurora, one of her favorite places to shop, in...

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Lauren Hearts Art

It was a chilly morning when Lauren and I met for coffee at the Victrola on Pike. Fall weather had finally arrived in Seattle, wrapping the sky in her cool, grey cloak. Lauren’s bright, sunny smile, however, beams spring warmth wherever it shines. While we stand in line to order, the barista compliments her on her knitted hat, making her smile even wider. Lauren Bishop, 31, is a five year resident of Seattle, hailing from Ohio via a short stint in Colorado. “I didn’t have enough money to make it all the way to Seattle,” she jokes, “so I...

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