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Ruminations: All Stars 3 Episode 7 – My Best Squirrelfriend’s Dragsmaids Wedding Trip

It’s a bittersweet episode of Ruminations, with the departure of our hometown hero BenDeLaCreme from the show. In addition to our normal recap of the show, we also have a special message in response to RuPaul’s latest transphobic remarks, and a few special announcements, so don’t miss this very special episode of Ruminations on Jetspace Magazine.

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The Beat: Thadayus Wilson

If you’re looking for the hottest up and coming artists in Seattle’s queer music scene, then look no further than The Beat, hosted by CarLarans. This week we’re joined by makeup artist, songwriter, and lead singer for Thadayus & The Electrofunks, Thadayus Wilson.

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Queer Voices: Tranisha Arzah

Queer Voices is Jetspace Magazine’s interview series highlighting queer movers and shakers in the Pacific Northwest. Join us as we sit down with peer educator, activist, and House of Luna member Tranisha Arzha to talk about living at the intersections of being femme, being queer, being black, and living with HIV in a place like the Pacific Northwest.

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